We Have an Emergency
We Have An Emergency
Length 30:49
Label Aquarius
Producer(s) Todd Morse
Deryck Whibley
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Birds + Bee Stings

We Have an Emergency is the first album to The Operation M.D..


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Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "We Have an Emergency" Cone McCaslin Todd Morse, Deryck Whibley 3:28
2. "Chain Reaction" Morse Morse, Whibley 3:24
3. "Sayonara" Morse Morse, Whibley 3:24
4. "The Way That You Walk" Morse Morse, Whibley 3:01
5. "Someone Like You" Cone Morse, Whibley 2:50
6. "Tomorrow's Calling" Morse Morse, Whibley 4:12
7. "Everyday I" Morse Morse, Whibley 3:47
8. "Dirt" Cone Morse, Whibley 3:05
9. "Photo Sexual" Morse Morse, Whibley 4:48
10. "New Kill" Morse Morse, Whibley 3.19
11. "Obvious" Cone Morse, Whibley 4:16
B-sides (Released on the band's Myspace)
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
12. "Little Miss Takes" Cone Morse, Whibley 2:38


The Operation M.D.Edit

  • Todd Morse as Dr. Rocco - vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Cone McCaslin as Dr. Dynamite - vocals, bass guitar, guitars, keyboards

Additional personnelEdit