Go Chuck Yourself
Go Chuck Yourself
Artist(s) Sum 41
Release Date December 21, 2005 (Happy Live Surprise)
March 7, 2006 (Go Chuck Yourself)
Length 1:07:06
Label Island (US)
Universal (Japan, Europe)
Aquarius (Canada)
Producer(s) Deryck Whibley
Tom Lord-Alge
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Chuck: Acoustic
Underclass Hero

Go Chuck Yourself also known as Happy Live Surprise in Japan is a live album by Sum 41 recorded in London, Ontario in April 2005. The Japanese version was released first on December 21, 2005. It came with a bonus DVD featuring 5 songs from the show and Basketball Butcher. The American and European version was released on March 7, 2006 without the DVD.


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Track listingEdit

No. Title Original Album Length
1. "The Hell Song" Does This Look Infected? 3:21
2. "My Direction" Does This Look Infected? 2:21
3. "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)" Does This Look Infected? 3:11
4. "A.N.I.C." Does This Look Infected? 0:43
5. "Never Wake Up" All Killer No Filler 1:08
6. "We're All to Blame" Chuck 3:44
7. "There's No Solution" Chuck 4:48
8. "No Brains" Does This Look Infected? 4:32
9. "Some Say" Chuck 3:30
10. "Machine Gun" Half Hour of Power 2:29
11. "Welcome to Hell" Chuck 4:26
12. "Grab the Devil" Half Hour of Power 1:14
13. "Makes No Difference" Half Hour of Power 5:46
14. "Pieces" Chuck 3:04
15. "Motivation" All Killer No Filler 3:47
9. "Still Waiting" Does This Look Infected? 2:43
10. "88" Chuck 5:35
11. "No Reason" Chuck 3:48
12. "I Have a Question" 0:32
13. "Moron" Chuck (Japanese version) 2:28
14. "Fat Lip" All Killer No Filler 3:05
15. "Pain for Pleasure" All Killer No Filler 3:06
Happy Live Surprise

Japanese Cover

Live NatureEdit

Certain comparisons have led to some speculation that Go Chuck Yourself was, possibly in large part, not recorded at the April 2005 concert in London, Ontario.

While the footage of the concert has never been fully released on DVD, as was originally planned, most of the footage from the show has been released through numerous mediums. Five songs from the concert were released in full DVD quality on a bonus DVD that came with the Japanese release of the album, most of the concert footage was available for viewing on Sympatico MSN, and portions of the concert footage were included on bonus DVDs that came with various copies of the band's most recent studio album, Underclass Hero.

While the videos and audio tracks from the CD are alleged to be from the same concert, there are numerous notable differences between the concert as it appears on the audio CD, and as it appears in the numerous released videos.

One of the noted differences is that the setlist differs between the CD audio and the Sympatico MSN video. The songs all come in the same chronological order in both sources, but in the Sympatico MSN video, Nothing On My Back and Machine Gun are both played, while in the CD version, they are missing. The official reason given by the band for this is that the two songs transition into cover songs by Rage Against the Machine, and Elvis Presley, and sufficient permission was not obtained to put these covers on the CD. Likewise, in the CD version, Pieces is played, while it is absent in the Sympatico MSN video.

Another noted difference between the two versions is that Deryck Whibley's on stage banter differs between the CD version and the Sympatico MSN version. Certain speeches and sentences he says during the show are changed between the two versions.

One of the most significant notable differences between the two versions is that the performance quality of the show seems to be improved on the CD version. Various guitar mistakes present in the Sympatico MSN video are not present in the CD version, Deryck Whibley's singing vocals seem to be almost entirely different on the CD version. It is also rumoured that two guitars are playing when Whibley isn't playing, however they did bring a second tour guitarist along for these stages of the concert.

Notcieable differences such as the beginning of "Some Say". The first verse lyrically is different between the video and the album. Also, the solo that Dercyk played with his teeth during Makes No Difference was removed on the Canadian version of the CD, however it is present on the Happy Live Surprise version of the CD which is sold in Japan.

Some Fans have speculated that Deryck went back and reworked the vocals for Go Chuck Yourself in a studio due to the fact that those who were there in the April 2005 concert in London, Ontario said that Deryck had a cold and his voice didn't sound as good as it usually does.